Units are recruited in the Barracks. They are what your army is made out of. If you do not have any army or Garrison, I would reccomend training some before other players find out and SMASH you!


Starting Units Edit

Starting units are the first units you unlock. Simple enough, right?

Spearmen ||| Archers ||| Swordsmen ||| Light Cavalry ||| Battering Ram

Standard Units Edit

Standard Units are more advanced than the Starting Units, (of course!) and are thusly more expensive and more powerful. They are also known as "Heavy Units".

Heavy Spearmen ||| Heavy Archers ||| Heavy Swordsmen ||| Heavy Cavalry ||| Catapult

  • Heavy troops require you to have at least level 4 Centralization.
    • This requirement remains for training Elite Units (See below).

Elite Units Edit

The Elite units are the strongest units that exist in the game. They are also the most expensive. Some players manage to go the entire way through an era without ever acheiving them. They also usually have "nicknames" that are used for them in-game.

Elite Spearmen (Phalanx) ||| Elite Archers (Snipers) ||| Elite Swordsmen (Guardians) ||| Elite Cavalry (Paladin) ||| Trebuchet
Elite Swordsmen