Trade refers to the exchange of technologies and resources among different nations and groups. In Imperia Online, Trade is done at the Market and is limited to buying and selling resources for gold.

In-game text: Edit

"When a country shuts its borders and severs all trade, it usually doesn’t end up too well…. It would be cruel to give examples, but we are all familiar with those misfortunate fools. If you want to be competitive and well known among friends and foe alike, you will have to learn the skill of trade. Trade never really stops, whether there is peace or war, resources flow back and forth from one empire to another and there is nothing that you can do about it. Therefore it will be wise to learn how to use the market for your own benefit because money can buy everything, including your own loyal subjects. And, after all, what you can’t buy with money, you can buy with a lot of money!"

Effects: Edit

Instantly constructs a Market and enables trade on the open market. All purchases are instantaneous and must be completed in gold. A comission price will be applied at the posting of an offer.

Price: Edit

500 wood, 100 iron, 250 stone, 1750 gold for base level, each subsequent level is 4 times more expensive than the previous.

Level increase benefit: Edit

Each level decreases the comission by 5%. Level cap is at level 6.