Tactics are the system of technologys and methods used to assist in ensuring one's victory in battle.

In-game text: Edit

"Your army would be just an armed rabble if it didn’t follow orders. Tactics mean discipline. Tactics mean correct deployment of you units to take advantage of terrain and conditions. Tactics mean speed, mobility and…. nasty surprises on the enemy. Tactics mean security by foreseeing the enemy’s plans and countering them…Tactics mean many things. The most important of them is the simple fact that you cannot go to war without them. Well, technically you could, but then you probably will regret it after the enemy outflanks you, feigns a retreat with its cavalry just to ambush you later, and just about every nasty thing you can imagine happens to you…. Do your soldiers a favor – get that homework done!"

Tactics 1 Edit

Enables: Battering Ram

Tactics 5 Edit

Enables: Heavy Spearmen

Requisite for: Heavy Swordsmen