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Light Spearman Tier 1 unit Edit

Resources Amount
Wood 122
Iron 14
Min. Max
Attack 10 25
Hit points 100 250
Speed 80 320
Carrying capacity 30 30
Pillage strength 1.5 1.5
Upkeep per hour 0.8 0.8

• Type: Melee, Infantry, Spearman • Priority Deployment: Flank (Frontline)

+ Polearm: Attack x 2 vs. Light Horsemen

- Vulnerable to Archers: Against this unit the Attack of all Archers is increased - Hand-to-Hand Disadvantage: Attack x 0.5 vs. Swordsmen - Light Troop: This unit suffers penalties when fighting in a Center – Attack x 0.8, Hit Points x 0.8

Spearmen are good against Cavalry and weak against everything thing else

Requirements: Melee Attack 1 

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