SICK SOUL is international alliance, in Imperia Online v6 260 realm, founded and leaded by Rock.K and Snowy_Winter_95 at 26. IV '18.

Players of Imperia Online V6 260:

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Our Sick Soul is sacred alliance, alliance of mighty will and great glory. From the founding, till this moments, we were unique, one of a kind - Glorious alliance, union of brotherly peoples. Our loyalty to alliance gives us strength. Respect each other and respect the dignity of every honest enemy, because that's how we're doing.

So it was, so it is, and so it always will be!

----------------------------------------The Code of Alliance-------------------------------------

- Official language of alliance is English (other languages are allowed in tribune);

- It's not allowed to swear and insult other members of the alliance;

- Positions in the alliance will be distributed on merit;

- The honor of each member must be positive;

- Members of the alliance, by the poll, decide on diplomatic and scientific activities;

- Every member can donate resources to alliance that he considers necessary;

- In a war time inactivity longer than 24h will be punished by expeling from alliance;

- Anyone can ask for help;

- Only Leader can post on Announcments tread.


Преузимање (3)


-Battle of Eastern Castle

The Battle of Eastern Castle took place on 19. Jule 2018. between an army of Sick Soul alliance, leaded by Rock.K, and an inviding army of the -BG- alliance under the command of Ketievg. In the six waves of a Bulgarian (-BG-) attack, the army of the Sick Soul successfully to defeat the aggressor.



✯ SUDETY (victory)

✯chance (victory)

✯ CaribeanPirates (victory)

✯ Debby_Boys (defeat)

✯ HusariaPL (victory)

✯ _Romania_ (victory)

✯ Kazaki (defeat)

✯ -GoHard- (defeat)


List of Leaders:

Snowy_Winter_95 (26.IV '18. - 03.V '18.)

- Rock.K (First Officer 26.IV '18. - 03.V '18.)

Rock.K (03.V '18. - 25.V '18.)

- Snowy_Winter_95 (First Officer. 03.V '18. - 25.V '18.)

Snowy_Winter_95 (25.V '18. - 01.VI '18.)

- Grumpfuttock (First Officer 25.V '18.)

Rock.K (01.VI '19. - 17.VIII '18.)

- Grumpfuttock (First Officer 25.V '18. - 08.VI '18.)

- Kill_Kenny001 (First Officer 08.VI '18. - 17.VI '18.)

- nagibs (First Officer 17.VI '18. - 24.VI '18.)

- nerantzula (First Officer 24.VI '18. - 05.VII '18.)

- sebaste64 (First Officer 05.VII '18. - 13.VII' 18.)

- Ares.11 (First Officer 13. VII '18 - 15.VII '18.)

-RICARDOB-br (First Officer 15.VII '18 - 17.VIII '18.)

♚ Snowy_Winter_95 (17.VIII '18. - current)

-Rock.K (First Officer 17.VIII '18. - 20.VIII '18.)


Alliance Awards:

  • Heroes of War: -Era 13: Snowy_Winter_95; Rock.K; GVOZDANSKO-hr;

Hero of war is a Soul who took the largest share and gave the greatest contribution to the victory in the war.

  • Heroes of Economy: -Era 13:Grumpfuttock

Hero of Economy is a Soul who has shown economic abilities and has reached the most economic points.

  • Best Donor: -Era 13: b3tun

Best Donor is a Soul who has shown loyalty to the alliance by donating the largest amount (%) of resources to the alliance treasury.

  • Marshal of the Alliance: -Era 13:Snowy_Winter_95; Rock.K;

-Era 14:Ribuk;

Marshal of the Alliance is a Soul which has a war skills, heroic endeavors and enough military points to deserve the rank of the 'Marshal'.

  • Heroes of the Alliance: -Era 14: samantul

Hero of the alliance is a Soul who by contribution to the alliance deserves to be remembered in alliance history.


Statistic Era 13 Era 14
Points 40.327.942 (33.) 422.501.261 (4.)
Military Points 531.817 (10)
Value 997.309 (62) 44.986.391 (?)
Average points per member 2.520.496 8.989.388
Members 16 47
Medaly /


Sick Soul leadership elections % Candidates
Rock.K (became a leader 1st time) 80% Snowy_Winter_95 V.S. Rock.K
Rock.K (became a leader 2nd time) 100% Snowy_Winter_95 V.S. Rock.K
Rock.K (defended her position) 86% Rock.K V.S. EmperorIliko
Rock.K (defended her positions 2nd time) 53% Rock.K V.S. Cactusfromchina
Sick Soul first officer elections % Candidates
Snowy_Winter_95 100% Snowy_Winter_95; GVOZDANSKO-hr
Snowy_Winter_95 80% Snowy_Winter_95; GVOZDANSKO-hr; b3tun
Grumpfuttock 60% Grumpfuttock; b3tun; GVOZDANSKO-hr
Kill_Kenny001 38% - Grumpfuttock (0%)

- Kill_Kenny001 (38%)

- Snowy_Winter_95 (57%)

- Mango_ (5%)


Said about Sick Soul Alliance:

Said by Jaseppa (Diplomacy Officer):

-I really like Sick Soul because of the unitary spirit of the one for all and all for one.

-Without our beautiful Alliancem we are alone and we are nobody in this game.


Traditional friends of Alliance:


Arch enemies:

  • --LTO--