i am a player on Imperia Online, my nickname is rocky. I had a problem today with the game, 12th february 2010. During an attack (attacker: goro) i was withdrawing all my resources, more exactly i made one transport and i started the 2nd one 7 minutes before the attacker's arrival so that when the fight was taking place i had 0 resources in the province and yet the report of the fight shows the attacker got 100k gold and i saw that most of the resources that were in 2nd transport were gone. I have done this before, i mean withdrawing my resources 2-3 mins before the attack and this has never happened.

Can you help me out please with a response to my problem? Why has this happened?

Hmmm... I have not heard of such a thing happening before... It is possible that it is a glitch... Wait, are you completely certain that your target province was capable of storing all of the resources? I'm not sure, but I think there's a resource-per-province maximum cap... I will look into this and report it to the game staff. Captian Zaco reply 21:48, February 15, 2010 (UTC)

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P.P.S. Imperia Staff refuse to allow me to assist with your problem. They require you to contact them directly by e-mailing to sorry.