Imperia Online Wiki is a collaborative website about Imperia Online. It is relatively new, and needs more in-depth information on a few pages.  Check out the Help Contents to get started! And don't forget to visit the Imperia online tree to find out what pages are missing!

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  • --Admin-imperiaonline 07:51, 22 April 2009 (UTC) (Wiki Started)
  • Captian Zaco has adopted this Wiki in September of 2009. Wiki expanded from 8 articles to 42 articles by October, 2009.
  • 50 article milestone reached on 21:24, November 10, 2009 (UTC) Coincidentally, this edit also coinsided with Captian Zaco's 200th edit!
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  • Logo added! Major Checkpoint!!! Fortress-1 Major Checkpoint!!!
  • How to change the background?
  • How to create custom theme and font style?


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"My house is my fortress.Literally. This is the thought that passes through the head of anyone who stands behind the thick walls of his Fortress that keeps him safe from enemies and friends alike. The stronghold is the symbol of power and control over a province. The high walls, riddled with towers and battlements show who's in power from afar..."

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This section is for syncronizing major projects on this Wiki. No major projects are in the queue for production...