Imperia Online is an online Medieval RTS (Real-Time Strategy) Game. It is based in a time-based system of production per hour. It is part of the Imperia frachise and is browser-based, so it has no downloads.

From the main page of Imperia Online Edit

yeah the following is what is shown on the Main page of the Imperia Online website. along the top are tabs linking to the forums, login screen, help files, and other such things.

What does the game offer:

  • No installation required
  • Free registration
  • Ability to socialize and compete with thousands of real players
  • Totally realistic economic and war model
  • Development, based on everyday decisions
  • Build your Empire and dominate over your enemies Now!
  • Adress:Imperia Online bul. „Tzar Boris III“ № 7-9, floor 5, office 7
  • Sofia, 1612 Bulgaria (bg)
  • Contacts: E-mail: Fax: [02] 954 91 28
  • For screenshots visit the Gallery

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