Heavy Swordsman Tier 2 unit Edit

Resource Amount
Wood 109
Iron 435
Min. Max
Attack 40 100
Hit points 400 1000
Speed 64 256
Carrying capacity 20 20
Pillage strength 0.8 0.8
Upkeep per hour 3.2 3.2

• Type: Melee, Infantry, Swordsman • Priority Deployment: Center (Frontline)

+ Assault Troop: This unit is prioritized in Frontline composition during Fortress Assault + Close Combat: Attack x 2 vs. Archers + Shield Wall: This unit is boosted when defending – Hit Points x 1.2

- Vulnerable to Cavalry: Against this unit all Cavalry has Attack x 2 - Heavy Troop: This unit suffers penalties when fighting in a Flank: Attack x 0.9, Hit Points x 0.9

Requirements: Centralization 6 ||| Melee Attack 10 ||| Armour 10
Heavy Swordsmen

Heavy Swordsman

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