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Military Concepts Edit

Garrison Edit

A Garrison is the portion of an army that defends the province or fortress.

  • Garrisoned units pay no upkeep.
  • Garrisoned Archers receive defensive combat bonouses.

Standing Army Edit

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Civil Concepts Edit

Era Edit

And Era is the unit of time in Imperia Online. One era refers to the amount of time a server is active for a game. When the Era ends, a winner is declared and an amount of time, called "Service time", will pass, within which the server cannot be accessed for use of the game.

  • in history, and Era refers to a period of time which shares certain characteristics.
    • one such example of this is the Neolithic Era which is characterized as the period of time after the development of farming and domesticating animals, but before the development of the wheel and writing or centralized language.