• The main province defense.
  • The Fortress determines the province maximum capacity of resources which can be stashed there. 
  • Increases the resource production with certain % per level.
  • Each level generates Happiness every 24 hours (1 Happiness point per level towards the previous one, the 9th grants 2 more). 
  • If destroyed, it can be repaired for the price of the previous level of fortress, turned into stone.
  • The Fortress has the following Defense Facilities: Moat, decreasing enemy siege army hit points, Towers, acting like static ballistae, Curtain wall, increasing the hit points of the Fortress. 
  • The Fortress preserves certain amount of civil population from pillages and certain amount of resources from looting.
  • Max level 9

A Fortress is the center of control in any province. You can garrison your troops in a fortress and they will not require any Upkeep. Fortresses will upgrade your province at level four.

In game quote:"My house is my fortress".Literally. This is the thought that passes through the head of anyone who stands behind the thick walls of his Fortress that keeps him safe from enemies and friends alike. The stronghold is the symbol of power and control over a province. The high walls, riddled with towers and battlements show who's in power from afar. From his fortress any ruler can safely control his land, people, army and pretty much everything else that goes on in an empire. The army is always deployed in and around strongholds, ready to go where the need arises. The Fortress also has warehouses to store all things of importance, so they are kept safe behind the stone walls. In short, if you have a Fortress, you have security and business goes well. If you don't have a fortress�. The neighbor is always close by to raid and burn your unprotected province, right?