The Depot Station is one of the Economic Buildings. It is useless untill you begin colonizing other provinces.

  • In game quote:What is the true sign of power and development in an empire? The extensive road networks, of course! Wide, straight, stone roads filled with heavy traffic of men, resources and armies are the one and only real measure of empire greatness. The depot station is the connecting center of all roads; the heart that gives energy to all movement of resources that goes around your empire. The work here never stops, everybody runs around with tight schedules. Nervous loaders yell to their colleagues, horses whiney, a loud bang from a dropped barrel on the wide stone squares will break the usual murmur, ships arrive and take off, camels and ox pull carts full of goods - Just another day at your depot station.

-Moves resources from one province to another.
-Base capacity: 2000 resources.-Each level grants 50% more room than the previous.-Max level - 14.