The Cavalry Barracks are part of the Barracks, one of the Military buildings. 

  • In game quote:The advancing heavy war horse, with heftily armed rider on its back is a terrific site. The ground shakes under the hoofs, the terrible sound of the inevitable destruction can make even the stoutest heart to sink down to the shoes. The heavy war horse and its rider are trained to work together in the cavalry barracks. You can't mistake these either, huge buildings with barracks for the men and stables for the horses. The stink of the horse stables can go quite far. Training heavy war horses and their riders may take a while, which could be rather expensive, thus, only the richest empires can afford to have great numbers of them. For the rest of us there is only one thing left to do - revel sight of the approaching heavy cavalry... right to the moment when they sweep us away.
    -Trains Cavalrymen for the army.-Base: 200 soldiers per level.